Register Immediate Family Form

july 1st 2018 to june 30th 2019

As of July 1st 2018 Wynndean is pleased to announce that Registered Immediate Families will not be charged for site charge. All you need to do is to complete the form below to nominate your immediate family members and their details. Please complete as many forms as required for your immediate family.
Our Additional Nominated Family Fee is still applicable for two families sharing the use of a site. 
Please note, groups attending with Registered Family will still be charged the site charge fee.


Please feel free to contact us at the office at anytime should you have any questions or queries. 

Name of Registered Immediate Family Member *
Name of Registered Immediate Family Member
Partner Name
Partner Name
Please indicate your most commonly used vehicles
By clicking submit and typing my name below, I hereby acknowledge receipt and have read and agree to the terms as stated in the Disclosure Statement and Park Rules. I am aware of my responsibilities concerning registration of guests and notification of unit usage and will comply with same. I acknowledge that the Caravan Park will not be regarded as my main place of residence.
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