Buying a Van


Thank you for your interest in purchasing a caravan and annexe in Wynndean!


How do I see what vans are for sale?
We recommend visiting our website for a current list of vans for sale and sites available. Our website is updated as soon as the office is notified of any changes. We also highly encourage you to visit us in the park to wander through Wynndean and inspect the vans. We are open 7 days a week.

If we would like to purchase a van, what is the process?
The office acts as a referral service for guests wishing to sell their caravan and annexe on site. We request all potential buyers visit the office to inspect the vans for sale. We will then happily run through our park's fees and guidelines, answer any questions you may have, provide you with a copy of the caravan's valuation and the current owner's contact details to negotiate price & the changeover date. We do not take commissions on sales nor are we involved in  sale negotiations. 

How long does our lease last for at Wynndean?
All caravan and annexes are privately owned and sites are leased on a seasonal basis that run the financial year July 1st-June  30th.  

What are your fees based on?
The site size determines our yearly tariff; as does the time of the season it is purchased.  If a caravan and annexe is purchased during the year, pro-rata rates shall apply. Site sizes vary from Small to XX Large. You can view our fees and full disclosure statement here.

Why do prices on caravans and annexe vary so much?
As all caravans and annexes are privately owned they vary in size, age, condition and value. All caravans undergo an independent valuation before being listed. The office arranges this at no charge. This sets the Maximum Approved Price (MAP) that it is able to be sold on-site for. The current owner is then able to add contents to the valuation price, which forms the asking price that is listed on our website. This asking price is fully negotiable between the current owner and the prospective purchaser.

I have purchased a van and agreed on a sale price & changeover date, now what?
Congratulations! We will require a copy of the receipt for sale not exceeding the Maximum Approved Price + contents. The changeover date is determined by both parties.The office will then provide you with the appropriate paper work to complete. This may include application form, electricity, gas and purchase agreement.

Why do some caravans and annexes need to be replaced?
Generally most caravan and annexes sell on-site. Before it may be sold on-site, an assessment for its future suitability will be made at this time; based on the valuation, age and condition. A replacement requirement may be set that requires the purchaser to update the caravan and annexe within the specified period of time. For more information on the replacement process, please click here.

What about buying a caravan and annexe under $6,000?
Where the maximum approved price of the caravan and annexe is $6,000 or less, we require a $1,000 guarantee deposit payable at the time of purchase/transfer. This deposit is fully refundable when the replacement or removal is effected by the due date or earlier. For more information, please view our Guarantee Deposit Policy here.

Can we build our own annexe?
Yes, you may but of course there are strict guidelines & regulations. Please enquire at office for further details or local annexe installers details.

Do you allow cabins? 
All caravans (Registerable Movable Dwellings RMD's) must be able to be registered. ie must have a chasis, wheels, drawbar etc. We do not allow cabins (Unregisterable Movable Dwellings UMD's)

Do you have a waitlist?
No, we don't. Our website provides "live" changes when sales occur or when new units become available. 


If you require more information regarding a specific caravan, annexe or site please feel free to contact us anytime by completing the form below or calling us on 03 5255 1766.


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