Summer 2017/18

Bring on the holidays!  We look forward to seeing you all very soon for some Christmas holiday fun with lots of warm weather and good times.

Photos by Adam Stan Photography

Morning Coffee
We have the Xpresso Mobile Café back again this year. They will also have newspapers and drinks etc. for sale. Josh will be outside the office daily from 9am for a couple of hours from Wednesday 27th January to Friday 5th January. Please see the flyers at the office for more detail.

Pizza pic Summer 1.jpg

Pizza Nights
Roam'n Wood Fired Pizza are returning in the office carpark for 5 nights during the holidays.  Mark on your calendar the following dates for pizza in the Park for dinner: Thursday 28th December, Thursday 4th January, Thursday 11th January, Thursday 18th January & Thursday 25th January. Check out the flyers at the office.

New Years Eve Fireworks
This year the fireworks display will again be at 10pm off the bluff. Please be reminded that the roads will be closed to traffic during the evening (31/12/17) from approximately 5pm and will re-open from approximately 2am (1/1/18). Please see flyers at the office or around the Park for access during these times.


Wynndean’s free wi-fi service is primarily used for checking emails and searching the Internet.  To maintain speed, we have blocked sites which stream TV shows, videos and movies etc.  This is to ensure more people can use the facility.  We have also improved the coverage.   The free wi-fi service is available from 8am to 10pm daily.  The encryption has changed, so you may need to delete the existing Wynndean wi-fi and install it again.  The password is the same (10X4): 4444444444

Roads Update
We are still waiting for a start date for the road sealing.  We believe that works will start after the Christmas School holidays, before Easter.

Electricity providers have advised that in extreme summer weather days they will be shedding power which will cause supply interruptions of up to 4-5 hours.  On these extreme days, it is important that you use minimal power.  Please keep your fridges on and refrain from using air conditioners and other appliances if possible.  We have continued to work with Powercor and our electrician to improve some load and spread issues in the Block 3 section of the Park.  We are committed to undertake a major capital works project after the summer season.  We will keep you updated. 

Cloverdale Cleaning Company
We have Cloverdale cleaning our amenities again over the Summer holidays. You will notice that they are in uniform and at times will be in their marked vehicles. Please take notice of cleaning times displayed and ensure you wait until they have finished cleaning before entering amenity blocks. Let us know if you have any feedback and please report any issues in the amenities to the office.

Security and Quiet Enjoyment
Sylont Security are onboard again for another season. The team will do routine patrols throughout the night. If you ever have any concerns please speak to the office, press the intercom button or phone the business number 03 5255 1766. As stated in our Park Rules, no undue noise is permitted that may disturb other guests.

Please be reminded that tents are not allowed at any time in the Park.

Barbeque Safety
As a reminder, no personal barbeques are to be used on Total Fire Ban Days, however, you can use our Park barbeques.

Registering Guests
Please ensure when you bring down guests you register them at the office, online, by email or phone.  It is a legal requirement and of course there is no charge when down with the Lessee.  If guests are coming down to use your van without the Lessee, then they also need to register and pay the site charge.  It is important that the Lessee notifies the office so we know the guests are legitimate.

Adam Stan Surf Summer 2.jpg

Car and bike Safety
Please be mindful of your speed when driving on our shared roads in the Park.  Young children (an old ones!), especially on bikes and scooters etc can be hard to see.  Please keep to the speed limit of 10km/h.  Please ensure helmets are worn at all times when riding bikes and scooters etc and that children are supervised.  There should be no riding after dark and children should be aware of vehicles.

Please ensure that all awnings/ gazebos are clear of the road by at least 1 foot (30cm).  This is for pedestrian safety and truck/car accessibility.

Please let the office know if you have branches on or around your caravan or annexe which may be causing damage.  As always, please be reminded that no branches should be cut as we are under a vegetation overlay and require a permit to cut trees.  Please see the office if you have any concerns.  You may have noticed that our arborist has been in and around the Park during the winter months.

Hard Rubbish Collections
For customers wanting to dispose of hard rubbish ie couches, bbq’s, could you please inform the office and we will organise to have it picked up from your site.  Please don’t place large items at bin stops.  We try and reuse, recycle and where possible take items in good condition to the local charity organisations.

Gas Bottles
Please see the office if you require a 9kg or 45kg gas bottle.  These are delivered, fitted and tested for $40 (9kg) and $125 (45kg).  For same day service, it is best to advise us by lunch time.

Units For Sale
Please see below for the current unit sales list and vacant sites.  If you require more information, please check the website out at

Facebook and Instagram
Wynndean is on Facebook and Instagram.  Please see the below links and feel free to like and follow for updates:

We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you soon!

Wynndean Team