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Every season we request a seasonal application form be completed. This is to ensure we have a current agreement & your current date details. 

Electricity changeover

Below are links to retailers in our area. Please contact the office to obtain the NMI or meter number, choose your preffered retailer and change over the electricity into your name with the bill sent to your home address. or phone 1800 794 824 or phone 13 24 61 or phone     13 18 06 or phone 1300 307 966

Elgas Form

This form (only required for large 45kg cylinders) is an agreement between the guest and Elgas. We are happy to submit this form for you and deliver the gas to you whenever you require it!  

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Phone *
Address *
Elgas Agreement *
The corporation hereby hires to hirer and hirer agrees to take on hire of 45 kg cylinder.