Renting your Van

At Wynndean we are one of the only caravan parks to offer a complimentary subletting referral service to our guests over the Christmas holiday period. Owners wishing to rent their unit need to provide the mandatory items required, nominate a weekly tariff and complete the Rental Notification Form.
Wynndean’s peak site charge of $40 per night/$280 per week is included in your nominated weekly tariff charged to guests. Our team will then review families wishing to rent an onsite van and match appropriately to our rental list.

If you wish to rent your van for the Christmas Summer holidays, all forms need to be submitted by August 30th 2019.
All bookings are week block bookings beginning on Boxing day. Bookings can be 1,2,3 or 4 weeks long but must begin and end on the following dates:

Thursday December 26th 2019 to Thursday January 2nd 2020

Thursday January 2nd 2020 to Thursday January 9th 2020

Thursday January 9th 2020 to Thursday January 16th 2020

Thursday January 16th 2020 to Thursday January 23rd 2020

Thursday January 23rd 2020 to Thursday January 30th 2020

How it works:

Firstly, we ask you read the following information to ensure renting your van is right for you and your family:

Mandatory Items


Terms and Conditions

Some FAQs:

How much does Wynndean take from our rental fee?

Wynndean does not charge for the service of subletting over the Christmas holidays. However, as per any occupants (excluding your registered immediate family) using your van without you, a site charge of $40.00 per night (inc. GST) is included in your nominated tariff charged to tenants as well as, any minor incidentals such as cleaning, gas cylinders, repairs etc.

I want to clean the van myself, can I?

All units are cleaned the week prior to Christmas by the cleaning company. This is not negotiable to make sure all units are at a high standard. Cleaning costs are charged to your account and are costed on time taken. You may clean the changeover cleans yourself between 10am and 2pm. Please complete the section on the rental notification form.

Do I need to provide linen?

Doonas/blankets are expected to be provided by you. Guests staying in your van are asked to provide their own pillows, sheets, pillow cases and towels, including tea towels.

How much should I charge per week for our van?

In the Summer 2018 -19 season, vans and annexes were rented between $900-$1300 per week. Vans at the higher end of this bracket included an ensuite and were newer set ups.

Can I take a bond?

Unfortunately, we don’t take bonds from customers.

I want to use my van for the first week of January, can we just rent our van for 3 weeks?

Sure, on the rental notification form, tick the dates you want to rent your unit out.

Can we use a third party rental agency, such as Air BnB or Stayz?

At Wynndean we do not allow any Third Party Rentals.


If you wish to sub-let your van please complete the following Rental Notification Form and one of our staff members will walk through and check off the mandatory list. Forms need to be submitted by August 30th 2019. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept requests after this time.