Cleaning Requirements of
Van Rentals

It is Wynndean policy that all vans/annexes will be cleaned/checked prior to the rental period by Wynndean Cleaning and charged to your account. This check is compulsory prior to letting your van in order to maintain standards. Van/annexe cleans performed by Wynndean are charged $35-70 per clean and $20 per check.

Between letting periods, checks and cleans will be required. Changeovers will always occur on a Thursday between 10am-2pm. You are welcome to clean your van privately or have your van cleaned/checked for you. This can be nominated on your Rental Notification Form.

We recommend you provide basic cleaning products in your van. We also encourage you to provide us with any additional information/details about your van so we can pass onto your guests. Personal belongings are to be removed with adequate storage space for food and clothing for guests.

  • Dish cloths

  • Cleaning spray

  • Brush and shovel

  • Bin liners

  • Vacuum

  • Broom

  • Mop

This Christmas/Summer season we will be introducing a personalised information sheet on your van which includes check out procedures, additional details, tips and cleaning requests you have provided us with on your rental notification form. An example of this form can be found by clicking here.

Cleaning Fees

Wynndean can arrange your van/annexe to be cleaned on your behalf. Costs charged to your account will be $35-70 per clean and $20 per check.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the cleaning/check process of van rentals, please feel more than welcome to contact us anytime.